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The Redprobes assay for heparin and heparan sulphate (HS) is based on a novel fluorescent dye, Heparin Red, developed by Professor Roland Kramer at The University of Heidelberg in Germany. 

In complex with heparin or HS the red dye fluorescence is reduced and this property underpins a sensitive (about 1µg/ml detection) and rapid analytical technique suitable for many applications in biomedical research and industrial processes.  

The assay comes in two microtitre-based formulations, the Heparin Red Kit for measuring heparin or HS in plasma and the Heparin Red Ultra with potential in various applications such as monitoring the commercial purification of heparin and for the  analysis of heparin in urine and other biological fluids; the assays are suitable for low molecular weight heparins, including enoxaparin, heparin oligosaccharides and are independent of the anticoagulant activity of heparin. 

Application and Information

Heparin Red Kit

Designed and optimised for measuring heparins in human plasma Rapid mix-and-read fluorescence assay in microtitre plates Sensitive detection in 20ul of plasma (low ug/ml range) Independent of anticoagulant activity of heparins Suitable for pharmacokinetic studies of emerging, new heparin-based therapies Stable, protein-free reagents

References* Warttinger U. et al., A fluorescent probe assay (Heparin Red) for direct detection of heparins in human plasma Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2016, 408, 8241-8251. Warttinger, U &, Krämer, R. Instant determination of the potential biomarker heparan sulfate in human plasma by a mix-and-read fluorescence assay.  Galli M. et al.,  Roneparstat (SST0001), an innovative heparanase (HPSE) inhibitor for multiple myeloma (MM) therapy: first in man study. Blood 2015, 126, 3246-3246.

Heparin Red Ultra Kit

Optimised for rapid detection of heparins and heparan sulphate (HS) in complex solutions; the kit offers a simple mix-and-read fluorescence assay for use in microtitre plates.

Small sample volumes, analysis of low heparin (ug/ml) concentrations.

Suitable for heparin analysis in urine Stable protein-free reagents

Reference* Wattinger U, Kramer R. Quantification of heparin in complex matrices (including urine) using a mix-and-read fluorescence assay.

*  Iduron and Redprobes are not in any way responsible for the content and accuracy of the papers listed above.

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