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Iduron is a dedicated Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) company that offers an exciting and unique product range for research and development.

The company was founded by Professor John Gallagher and the University of Manchester, Professor Gallagher and his colleagues have published over 100 peer reviewed papers in the Glycosaminoglycan field.

Iduron aims to serve the rapidly growing field of GAG based scientific research by providing a comprehensive range of reagents and related products and expert advice.

  • 1Dedicated Customer Service

    We look after our customers and strive to give you the best possible support and expertise when you need it.

  • 2Product Supply and Manufacture

    We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and invest heavily in in-house manufacturing so we can control the quality and the availability key products.

  • 3Worldwide Shipping

    We are highly experienced international shippers. Any product delivered to any destination. Fully flexible and tailored service. Distributors in the USA and Japan.

Why study Glycosaminoglycans?


Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) are a class of information-rich polysaccharides of considerable importance in many biological processes such as the regulation of cell growth and differentiation, the control of blood fluidity and the metabolism of lipoproteins. The molecular architecture, elasticity and cell adhesion properties of the extracellular matrix are dependent on the interactions of structural proteins (e.g. collagens, fibronectin and fibrillin) with specific types of GAG. GAGS are strongly implicated in inflammation, degenerative diseases, malignancy, microbial and parasitic infections and age-related neural pathologies including Alzheimer’s disease. It is thus self evident that research on the structure, binding properties and cellular effects of GAGS will lead to new and fundamental insights in cell and molecular biology and may shed light on pathological mechanisms in human disease with the fascinating prospect of the emergence of GAG based therapies.

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